Andy Worthington: An Archive of Articles About Guantánamo, My UK Housing Activism, Photography and Music – Part 24, January to June 2018


Andy Worthington marks 6,000 days of Guantanamo on June 15, 2018.Please support my work as a reader-funded journalist! I’m currently trying to raise $2500 (£2000) to support my writing and campaigning on Guantánamo and related issues over the next three months of the Trump administration.


This article is the 24th in an ongoing series of articles listing all my work in chronological order. It’s a project I began in January 2010, when I put together the first chronological lists of all my articles, in the hope that doing so would make it as easy as possible for readers and researchers to navigate my work — the 3,000+ articles I have published since I first began publishing articles here in May 2007, which, otherwise, are not available in chronological order in any readily accessible form.

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As I note every time I put together a chronological list of my articles, my mission, as it has been since my research in 2006-07, for my book The Guantánamo Files, first revealed the scale of the injustice at Guantánamo, continues to revolve around four main aims — to humanize the prisoners by telling their stories; to expose the many lies told about them to supposedly justify their detention; to push for the prison’s closure and the absolute repudiation of indefinite detention without charge or trial as US policy; and to call for those who initiated, implemented and supported indefinite detention and torture to be held accountable for their actions.

To these, I must now add a fifth aim: to seek justice for those released from Guantánamo, as one of the most baleful aspects of Donald Trump’s presidency, when it comes to Guantánamo, is the cavalier and irresponsible manner in which he has shut down the office of the envoy for Guantánamo closure, established under Barack Obama, which not only dealt with the resettlement of prisoners (something that, shamefully, doesn’t interest Trump in the slightest), but also, crucially, monitored released prisoners, particularly those resettled in third countries, because it was regarded as unsafe to send them back to their home countries. In the first six months of this year, one of the saddest stories was of two Libyan men resettled in Senegal, who, two years later, were then sent back to Libya, where they disappeared, a violation of their rights that would probably have been prevented if the envoy’s office had remained open.

Sadly, this was not the only disappointment in this period. After my annual visit to join other campaigners in calling for Guantánamo’s closure on the anniversary of its opening (the 16th anniversary, on January 11), when I launched a new photo campaign calling for the prison’s closure via the Close Guantánamo campaign I established on the 10th anniversary of its opening, with the US attorney Tom Wilner, Trump issued an executive order formally keeping Guantánamo open, an act of stunningly vindictive pointlessness that is, sadly, all too typical of this most wretched of presidents.

The struggle, however, continues, and in June I marked 6,000 days of Guantánamo’s existence, and was delighted when former prisoner Shaker Aamer agreed to take part.

Back in my home country, I continued to be involved in housing activism, primarily to try to stop the twin epidemics of unchecked greed and social cleansing that are making life so hard for so many poorer Londoners — and their counterparts up and down the country — as council estates are cynically destroyed, with the collusion of local politicians (who, more often than not, are members of the Labour Party), to make way for new and generally unaffordable housing, and empty towers of “luxury” housing, primarily for foreign investors, which continue to transform the capital in a futuristic and dystopian manner.

I continue to be deeply affected by the fallout from the Grenfell Tower fire last June, when 72 people died because those responsible for their safety chose profiteering and cost-cutting over prioritising residents’ safety, and I also scrutinised the dubious record of London Mayor Sadiq Khan, who stealthily approved the destruction of 34 estates despite having promised that no more estates would be destroyed without residents being balloted.

I also continued to focus on the activities of the council in my home borough of Lewisham, via the ‘No Social Cleansing in Lewisham’ campaign I established last year, organising another gig to fundraise for campaigning, and getting more involved in protest music — specifically around housing issues — with my band The Four Fathers, and I also continued to post a photo a day in my photo-journalism project ‘The State of London’ on Facebook and Twitter, drawing from the photos that I’ve been taking in all London’s 120 postcodes on daily bike rides over the last six years, which I hope you’ll have time to look at, if you haven’t seen them already.

I hope the various strands of my life as a reader-funded journalist, campaigner, photographer and musician are of interest to you, and that you’ll find the list below to be useful, and will consider making a donation to support my work if you can. My next quarterly fundraiser begins next week, when I’ll also be marking the 17th anniversary of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, one of two events this century, along with the fallout from the global economic crash ten years ago, that changed the world forever in horrendous ways that are not always well understood — but both of which have led, in various ways, to a rise of racism and xenophobia, the Brexit vote in the UK, and the rise of Donald Trump.

An archive of Guantánamo articles: Part 24, January to June 2018

January 2018

Andy Worthington of Close Guantánamo with Mitch Robinson, international law expert for Mustafa al-Hawsawi, one of five "high-value detainees" at Guantánamo accused of involvement in the 9/11 attacks, and Daphne Eviatar of Amnesty International USA call on Donald Trump to close Guantánamo at the annual rally outside the White House on January 11, 2018, the 16th anniversary of the opening of the prison. They were supporting the new Close Guantánamo initiative, counting how many days Guantánamo has been open — a shocking total of 5,845 days on the anniversary.1. Guantánamo: Andy Worthington’s Top Five Enthusiasms for 2018
2. Guantánamo anniversary, US visit: 16 Years of Guantánamo: My Eighth Successive January Visit to the US to Call for the Closure of the Prison on the Anniversary of Its Opening
3. Guantánamo campaigns: Please Write to the Guantánamo Prisoners, Forgotten Under Donald Trump
4. Guantánamo anniversary: No More Guantánamo! Rights Groups Meet at White House to Demand the Closure of the Prison on the 16th Anniversary of Its Opening
5. Guantánamo campaigns: Guantánamo Has Been Open 5,845 Days on Jan. 11: Please Join the New Close Guantánamo Campaign – Take a Photo With a Poster And Send It To Us
6. Guantánamo anniversary, US visit: Telling Donald Trump to Close Guantánamo: My Report on an Inspiring 24 Hours of Protest and Resistance in Washington, D.C. on the 16th Anniversary of the Prison’s Opening
7. Guantánamo, US courts: As Guantánamo Enters Its 17th Year of Operations, Lawyers Hit Trump with Lawsuit Stating That His Blanket Refusal to Release Anyone Amounts to Arbitrary Detention
8. Photos, Guantánamo anniversary, US visit: Photos: Telling Trump to Close Guantánamo – The White House protest, Jan. 11, 2018
9. Video, Guantánamo anniversary, US visit: Video: On 16th Anniversary of the Opening of Guantánamo, Andy Worthington Tears Into Donald Trump for His Failure to Close the Prison, and His Defense of Endless Imprisonment Without Charge or Trial
10. Photos, US protest, Donald Trump: Photos: This is NOT the Face of America – Resistance to Donald Trump on the Women’s March in New York, Jan. 20, 2018
11. Closing Guantánamo: British MPs Urge Donald Trump and Senate Committees to Close Guantánamo
12. Video, Guantánamo anniversary, US visit: Video: Andy Worthington Discusses “Guantánamo, Torture and the Trump Agenda” with Carl Dix at Revolution Books in Harlem, Jan. 16, 2018
13. Guantánamo, Donald Trump: Leak Reveals How, In Counter-Productive, Backwards Move, Donald Trump Plans to Issue New Executive Order Keeping Guantánamo Open
14. Guantánamo, US courts: Good News: Court Orders Trump Administration to Explain Its Position on Guantánamo After A Year of Shocking Inaction
15. Guantánamo, Donald Trump: The Hideous Pointlessness of Donald Trump’s Executive Order Keeping Guantánamo Open

February 2018

16. Guantánamo, comics: Comic Book Star: My Role in a Comic Explaining Why Guantánamo is Such a Bad Idea, and Why It Must Be Closed
17. George W. Bush, Guantánamo, torture: Exactly 16 Years Ago, George W. Bush Opened the Floodgates to Torture at Guantánamo
18. Guantánamo, Donald Trump: Will Donald Trump Actually Close Guantánamo?
19. Radio, George W. Bush, Guantánamo, torture: Radio: My Discussion with Scott Horton About the Shameful Rehabilitation of George W. Bush, As I Recall His 2002 Memo Authorizing Torture
20. Guantánamo art: Reviewing the Guantánamo Art Show in New York That Dared to Show Prisoners As Human Beings, and Led to a Pentagon Clampdown
21. Guantánamo, torture: Guantánamo Lawyers Urge International Criminal Court to Investigate US Torture Program
22. Abu Ghraib, torture, US courts: Stunning Victory as US Court Rules That Contractors’ Treatment of Prisoners at Abu Ghraib Constituted “Torture, War Crimes, and Cruel, Inhuman and Degrading Treatment”
23. Guantánamo, United Nations: UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention Condemns US Treatment of Ammar Al-Baluchi at Guantánamo, Says All Prisoners Arbitrarily Detained

March 2018

24. Guantánamo, military commissions: Ahmed Al-Darbi: Still Held, the Guantánamo Prisoner Who Was Supposed to Have Been Sent Home Two Weeks Ago
25. Guantánamo, military commissions: The Complete Collapse of Abd Al-Rahim Al-Nashiri’s Military Commission Trial at Guantánamo
26. Guantánamo: Trapped in Guantánamo: Haroon Gul, a Case of Mistaken Identity Silenced By Donald Trump
27. Guantánamo, US courts: In Guantánamo Habeas Corpus Case, Lawyers Insist That Trump’s Stated Intention of Not Releasing Any Prisoners Renders Their Imprisonment “Perpetual” — and Illegal
28. CIA, torture: The Torture Trail of Gina Haspel Makes Her Unsuitable to be Director of the CIA
29. Guantánamo, accountability: Why Camp X-Ray at Guantánamo Mustn’t Be Destroyed
30. Abu Zubaydah, Guantánamo, torture: 16 Years Ago, the US Captured Abu Zubaydah, First Official Victim of the Post-9/11 Torture Program, Still Held at Guantánamo Without Charge or Trial

April 2018

Omar Khalifa Mohammed Abu Bakr (aka Omar Mohammed Khalifh) and Salem Gherebi (aka Ghereby), Libyans resettled in Senegal in April 2016, who are now threatened with being sent back to Libya, which is not safe for them. The photos are from the classified military files released by WikiLeaks in 2011.31. Life after Guantánamo: Betrayal: Senegal Prepares to Send Two Former Guantánamo Prisoners Back to Libya, Where They Face Imprisonment, Torture and Even Execution
32. Radio, Guantánamo: Radio: Perpetual Imprisonment at Guantánamo – Andy Worthington Interviewed by Linda Olson-Osterlund on Portland’s KBOO FM
33. Life after Guantánamo: Update on Senegal’s Dire Determination to Send Back to Libya Two Former Guantánamo Prisoners Granted Humanitarian Asylum in 2016
34. Guantánamo, military commissions: A Devastating Condemnation of Guantánamo’s Military Commissions by Palestinian-American Journalist P. Leila Barghouty
35. Life after Guantánamo: Sad Confirmation that Second Ex-Guantánamo Prisoner Resettled in Senegal Has Been Forcibly Returned to Libya, Where His Life Is At Risk
36. Life after Guantánamo: WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Ex-Guantánamo Prisoner Salem Gherebi’s Letter Explaining Why He Voluntarily Returned to Libya from Senegal Despite the Danger in Doing So
37. Guantánamo media: A New Media Milestone: 3,000 Articles Published (Including 2,200 on Guantánamo) Since I Began Writing Online as an Independent Journalist and Activist in 2007
38. Guantánamo art: Ex-Guantánamo Prisoner Discusses Prison Artwork with the BBC, While Lawyers for “High-Value Detainee” Demand His Right to Continue Making Art
39. Life after Guantánamo: As Two Former Guantánamo Prisoners Disappear in Libya After Repatriation from Asylum in Senegal, There Are Fears for 150 Others Resettled in Third Countries
40. Guantánamo, torture, US courts: Lawyers for Guantánamo Torture Victim Mohammed Al-Qahtani Urge Court to Enable Mental Health Assessment and Possible Repatriation to Saudi Arabia
41. Torture, US enemy combatants: Ali Al-Marri, Held and Tortured on US Soil, Accuses FBI Agents of Involvement in His Torture

May 2018

42. Prisoners released from Guantánamo: With Transfer of Ahmed Al-Darbi to Saudi Arabia, Guantánamo’s Population Drops to 40; No New Arrivals on Horizon
43. Life after Guantánamo: Life After Guantánamo: In Morocco, Younous Chekkouri’s Struggle to Rebuild His Life
44. CIA, torture, UK accountability: Torture on Trial in the US Senate, as the UK Government Unreservedly Apologizes for Its Role in Libyan Rendition
45. Guantánamo media: Ten Years After His Release From Guantánamo, Sami al-Hajj Publishes His Compelling Memoir, ‘Prisoner 345,’ Free Via Al-Jazeera
46. Guantánamo media: The Horrors of Guantánamo Eloquently Explained By A High School Teacher to Readers of Teen Vogue
47. Guantánamo, military commissions: No Justice at Guantánamo: The Release of Ahmed Al-Darbi, and Moazzam Begg’s Reflections

June 2018

48. Life after Guantánamo: Guantánamo Scandal: The Released Prisoners Languishing in Secretive Detention in the UAE
49. Accountability for torture: European Court of Human Rights Condemns Romania and Lithuania for CIA “Black Sites” Where Abu Zubaydah and Abd Al-Rahim Al-Nashiri Were Tortured
50. Guantánamo campaigns: June 15 Marks 6,000 Days of Guantánamo: Join Us in Telling Donald Trump, “Not One Day More!”
51. Deaths at Guantánamo: Remembering Guantánamo’s Dead, 12 Years After the Three Notorious Alleged Suicides of June 2006
52. Guantánamo, Supreme Court: It’s Ten Years Since the Supreme Court Granted Habeas Corpus Rights to the Guantánamo Prisoners, a Legal Triumph Until a Lower Court Took Them Away
53. Guantánamo campaigns: Today Marks 6,000 Days of Guantánamo: Rights Groups, Concerned Citizens and Former Prisoner Shaker Aamer Urge Donald Trump to Close It
54. United Nations, torture: Today is the 20th Anniversary of the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture: Will the Torture and the Impunity Ever Stop?
55. Guantánamo, Periodic Review Boards: No Escape from Guantánamo: An Update on the Periodic Review Boards

An archive of UK-related articles, January to June 2018

January to March 2018

1. Housing crisis: Haringey Leader Claire Kober’s Resignation Ought to Signal an End to Labour’s Frenzy of Council Estate Destruction, But 70 Labour Leaders Disagree
2. Protest music: Shouts Interview: Andy Worthington of The Four Fathers Discusses the Importance of Protest Music with Halldór Bjarnason
3. Grenfell Tower fire, protest music: Over 1,200 Views for The Four Fathers’ ‘Grenfell’ Video, Remembering Those Whose Lives Were Lost, and Calling for Those Responsible to be Held Accountable
4. Housing crisis: Two New London Screenings of ‘Concrete Soldiers UK’, Documentary Opposing the Destruction of Council Estates, in Hackney Wick and Walthamstow on February 20 and 24
5. Protest music, housing crisis: My Band The Four Fathers Launch A Year of Political Gigs in Walthamstow This Saturday, In A Protest Against Another Divisive Private Development
6. Terrorism: UK Government Demonstrates Its Contempt for Justice in Dealings with ISIS Suspects Nicknamed “the Beatles”
7. London photos: Celebrating 300 Days of My Photo Project, ‘The State of London’
8. Grenfell Tower fire, United Nations: Nine Months After the Entirely Preventable Grenfell Tower Fire, UN Housing Rapporteur Says UK Government May Have Breached Residents’ Human Rights
9. Save the NHS: My Gratitude to the NHS, Seven Years After I Developed A Rare Blood Disease and Nearly Lost Two Toes
10. Housing crisis: Launching A Crowdfunder to Support a UK Tour of ‘Concrete Soldiers UK’, the New Documentary Film About the Threat to Social Housing, Which I Narrate
11. Music, theatre: You’ve Never Heard Anything Like This Before: BAC Beatbox Academy’s Exhilarating ‘Frankenstein’ Show at Battersea Arts Centre

April to June 2018

The Four Fathers playing at a protest in Walthamstow against the proposed redevelopment of the town square (Photo: Emilie Makin).12. Protest music: Protest Music: Forthcoming Gigs by Andy Worthington’s Band The Four Fathers, April to June 2018
13. Housing crisis: The 34 Estates Approved for Destruction By Sadiq Khan Despite Promising No More Demolitions Without Residents’ Ballots
14. Housing crisis: A Defence of Social Housing in a Resolutely Hostile Political Environment
15. Council elections, housing crisis: Britain’s Broken Democracy: Tories Become UKIP, Media Ignores Labour Gains, Labour Continues Estate Demolitions
16. London photos: Celebrating One Year of My Photo Project ‘The State of London’; Now For An Exhibition and a Book!
17. Grenfell Tower fire: Grenfell Campaigners Mark Eleven Months Since the Disaster That Killed 71, As MPs Debate the Government’s Response
18. Photos, Grenfell Tower fire: Photos: The Powerful Grenfell Protest Outside Parliament, May 14, 2018, and Updates About Safety Concerns
19. Grenfell Tower fire: Video: Eddie Daffarn, Who Foresaw the Grenfell Tower Fire, Interviewed by Channel 4 News as the Official Inquiry Begins
20. Protest music: Protest Music Now: My Interview with London Student Magazine Artefact as Lead Singer of The Four Fathers
21. Grenfell Tower fire, protest music: 2,000 Views of The Four Fathers’ Video ‘Grenfell’, Remembering Those Who Died and Calling for Those Responsible to be Held Accountable
22. Battle of the Beanfield, Stonehenge, civil liberties: It’s 33 Years Since the Battle of the Beanfield: Is It Now Ancient History, in a UK Obsessed with Housing Exploitation and Nationalist Isolation?
23. Grenfell Tower fire: Grenfell One Year On: How Can We Feel Safe in a Country That Regards Everyone in Social Housing as Inferior?
24. Photos, Grenfell Tower fire: Photos: Grenfell 1st Anniversary – The Silent Walk and the Solidarity March
25. London photos: Celebrating 400 Days of My Photo Project ‘The State of London’
26. Stonehenge, civil liberties: Thoughts on Stonehenge and the Summer Solstice 2018: Has the Dominant Materialism Killed Some Magic in the World?
27. Brexit: Basketcase Britain: Two Years After the EU Referendum, the Tories Are Still Clueless and Racism Is Still Rampant
28. Grenfell Tower fire: Grenfell and the Social Housing Crisis: How Kensington and Chelsea Council Behaved Like “A Property Developer Masquerading as a Local Authority”

Andy Worthington is a freelance investigative journalist, activist, author, photographer, film-maker and singer-songwriter (the lead singer and main songwriter for the London-based band The Four Fathers, whose music is available via Bandcamp). He is the co-founder of the Close Guantánamo campaign (and see the latest photo campaign here) and the successful We Stand With Shaker campaign of 2014-15, and the author of The Guantánamo Files: The Stories of the 774 Detainees in America’s Illegal Prison (click on the following for Amazon in the US and the UK) and of two other books: Stonehenge: Celebration and Subversion and The Battle of the Beanfield. He is also the co-director (with Polly Nash) of the documentary film, “Outside the Law: Stories from Guantánamo” (available on DVD here — or here for the US), and for his photo project ‘The State of London’ he publishes a photo a day from six years of bike rides around the 120 postcodes of the capital.

In 2017, Andy became very involved in housing issues. He is the narrator of a new documentary film, ‘Concrete Soldiers UK’, about the destruction of council estates, and the inspiring resistance of residents, he wrote a song ‘Grenfell’, in the aftermath of the entirely preventable fire in June 2017 that killed over 70 people, and he also set up ‘No Social Cleansing in Lewisham’ as a focal point for resistance to estate destruction and the loss of community space in his home borough in south east London.

To receive new articles in your inbox, please subscribe to Andy’s RSS feed — and he can also be found on Facebook (and here), Twitter, Flickr and YouTube. Also see the six-part definitive Guantánamo prisoner list, The Complete Guantánamo Files, the definitive Guantánamo habeas list, the full military commissions list, and the chronological list of all Andy’s articles.

Please also consider joining the Close Guantánamo campaign, and, if you appreciate Andy’s work, feel free to make a donation.

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  1. Andy Worthington says...

    When I posted this on Facebook, I wrote:

    In the run-up to the 17th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks next week, which led to the creation of Guantanamo, and the work that has largely dominated my life for the last 12 years, here’s my latest article, a round-up of all my articles from the first six months of this year – 55 articles about Guantanamo and related issues, and 28 others, primarily about the UK housing crisis, which is another big focus of my life these days, and others focusing on my photography and my music.
    For anyone researching Guantanamo, I hope that this 24th chronological list will prove useful.

  2. Andy Worthington says...

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    Thank you Andy 🙂

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    Thank you Andy for all the work you do and keeping a close eye on it.

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    Wonderful work Andy. I really appreciate you and your work immensely.

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    Thanks, Tashi. And I appreciate your constant support!

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    Meena B Sharma wrote:

    Amazing work Andy. Your remarkable work on Guantanamo past 12 yrs, so much information you shared with us all, I do not know how to say “Thank you”. (it is sad as US past President Obama, promised to close it after his elections..but he FAILED TO DO SO)..I have failed to understand US’s foreign policies, sadly we are the world’s worse peace keeper!

  15. Andy Worthington says...

    Thank you for your kind and supportive words, Meena. What a great shame that we are stuck dealing with Bush’s legacy, Obama’s failure to deal with it adequately, and now the petulant monster that is Donald Trump.

  16. Andy Worthington says...

    Susie Sullivan wrote:

    Andy you work so hard constantly and l feel ashamed as I do so little and then when l am making a comment l have to rush off in the middle of things and end up not finding where l was. Please forgive me anyway who am l!?

  17. Andy Worthington says...

    Thanks for the lovely supportive words, Susie – but I happen to know that you and Bernard also work very hard to try and make the world a better place!

  18. Andy Worthington says...

    Saleyha Ahsan wrote:

    Andy your amazing work makes me think it’s about time there was some sort of national recognition for this kind of dedication. Not the royal stuff that is what seems to exist but something that’s more ‘the people’

  19. Andy Worthington says...

    Saleyha, thank you so much for your supportive words, and for singling out my concern for ‘the people’!

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