Two Radio Shows: I Discuss Guantánamo and Julian Assange on TNT Radio and Parallax Views


Linking to and discussing my two recent interviews about Guantánamo and Julian Assange, with Jason Olbourne on TNT Radio in Australia, and with J. G. Michael for his ‘Parallax Views’ podcast, in which we also discussed recent claims by former prisoner Mansoor Adayfi that Republican presidential hopeful Ron DeSantis was present when he and other hunger strikers were being force-fed, and that he revelled in their suffering.

“Publishing Is Not a Crime”: Finally, the New York Times, the Guardian and Three Other Newspapers Urge the US to End the Prosecution of Julian Assange


Publicizing the open letter to the Biden administration, calling for the prosecution of Julian Assange to be dropped, from the five newspapers — including the New York Times and the Guardian — who worked with WikiLeaks on the release of over 250,000 US diplomatic cables 12 years ago.

Guantánamo: My Definitive Six-Part Prisoner List Updated for 2022, With Links to My 2,500 Articles Since 2007


Introducing an update to my six-part definitive Guantánamo prisoner list, which I first put together in 2009, listing the 779 men held at the prison since it opened on January 11, 2002, and which links to my articles about the prisoners, drawing on the 2,500 articles I’ve written about Guantánamo since 2007. I’ve updated it several times since 2009, most recently in 2018, and this latest update adds links to all the articles I’ve written over the last four years.

Radio: I Discuss Liz Truss and the UK’s Ongoing Tory Brexit Nightmare – Plus Guantánamo and Julian Assange – with Chris Cook on Gorilla Radio


Linking to, and discussing my recent interview with Chris Cook of Gorilla Radio in Canada, about the collapse of Liz Truss’s government, after just 44 days, the baleful influence of the Tufton Street ‘think-tanks’, and the unending agony of Brexit, plus discussion of the plight of Julian Assange and the current situation at Guantánamo. Chris also played the Four Fathers’ anti-Brexit anthem, ‘I Want My Country Back (From The People Who Wanted Their Country Back)’, and my article also includes some post-interview reflections on Rishi Sunak as the new Prime Minister, and the many challenges he faces, not least on Brexit.

My Interview with Riverside Radio’s Andy Bungay About the Horrors of the Truss Government, Guantánamo, and the Plight of Julian Assange


A link to, and discussion of my interview with Andy Bungay of Riverside Radio in Wandsworth, in which we discussed the woefully inept government of Liz Truss, Guantánamo and the plight of Julian Assange, and Andy also played ‘Forever Prisoner’ by my band The Four Fathers.

Photos and Report: The Phenomenal Success of the Human Chain for WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange Around the UK Parliament


My report and photos from the Human Chain for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, on October 8, 2022, which involved the Houses of Parliament being completely encircled by campaigners calling for his extradition to the US to be dropped.

From Tomorrow, 16 Days of Rebellion and Protest Against the UK Government — for the Climate, the Economy and Justice


With the government of Liz Truss in chaos, having crashed the economy, but still committed to widening inequality and trashing the environment, there’s never been a better time to get involved in protests taking place in London from October 1 to October 16, involving Just Stop Oil, Enough Is Enough, the UK Guantánamo Network, the Don’t Extradite Assange campaign, and Extinction Rebellion.

Radio: I Discuss Guantánamo and WikiLeaks’ Guantánamo Files with Misty Winston on TNT Radio


Linking to and discussing my latest radio appearance: with Misty Winston on her TNT Radio show “Cognitive Dissonance,” in which we spoke about Guantánamo and the classified military files released by WikiLeaks in 2011, on which I worked as a media partner.

Radio: I Discuss 20 Years of Guantánamo and the Proposed Extradition of Julian Assange with Chris Cook on Gorilla Radio


Linking to, and discussing my recent interview with Chris Cook on his ‘Gorilla Radio’ show in Victoria, British Columbia, in which we spoke about the case of torture victim Abu Zubaydah, the 20th anniversary of the opening of Guantánamo, and the latest dispiriting ruling in the extradition case of Wikileaks’ founder Julian Assange.

UK Judges Rule That WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Can Be Extradited to the US, Accepting Risible US Assurances Regarding His Mental Health and Suicide Risk


As the UK High Court allows the extradition to the US of WikiLeaks’ founder Julian Assange, overturning a lower court’s ruling regarding his suicide risk, I explain my disappointment with the ruling, not only because US assurances regarding his treatment are unreliable, but also because the key element of the case wasn’t under discussion: the US’s reprehensible efforts to prosecute a publisher for making available leaked information that it is in the public interest to know about, which sends a chilling message to the world about the US’s disregard for press freedom.

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