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Radio: I Discuss the Death of the Tories, Labour’s Dubious Victory and Israel’s Guantánamo with Chris Cook on Gorilla Radio


My recent interview with Chris Cook, on his Gorilla Radio show in western Canada, about the UK’s recent General Election, and also about Israel’s horrendous prisons for Palestinians, following the release of a particular prisoner, Muazzam Obayat, horribly broken by torture, who compared the prisons to Guantánamo. As I explained to Chris, I think it’s reasonable to conclude that they’re even worse.

Video: I Discuss “Is It Time for Gitmo to Close?” with Scottie Nell Hughes on Sovren Media


My interview with Scottie Nell Hughes on Sovren Media about the need for the prison at Guantánamo Bay to be closed, in which I was provided with the opportunity to explain the many reasons why the prison’s closure is long overdue.

Radio: I Discuss Israel’s Horrendous Prisons for Palestinians and the ICC Noose Tightening Around Netanyahu’s Neck on Gorilla Radio


Linking to and discussing my latest appearance on Gorilla Radio, the weekly radio show from western Canada run by Chris Cook, who has been interviewing me on a regular basis for many years, in which, for 30 minutes, we discussed various aspects of Israel’s ongoing genocide in Gaza, following up on my recent article, ‘Ending Israel’s Impunity for Genocide in Gaza, and the Threat to Those, Like Joe Biden, Who Are Most Complicit’, and also following up on recent reports about conditions in Israel’s brutal and fundamentally lawless prisons for Palestinians.

Video: I Discuss Guantánamo and My Work with Julian Assange and WikiLeaks on Consortium News


The video of my recent interview with Cathy Vogan and Elizabeth Vos of Consortium News, discussing Guantánamo, my involvement with researching, writing about and campaigning to get the prison closed for the last 18 years, and my involvement with Julian Assange and WikiLeaks as a media partner on the release of classified military files from Guantánamo, published in 2011.

Video: On the 13th Anniversary of WikiLeaks’ Release of the Guantánamo Files, My Interview with the Julian Assange Defence Committee


The video of my hour-long discussion, with Emmy Butlin and other members of the Julian Assange Defence Committee, about the 13th anniversary of the release, by WikiLeaks, of classified military files about the Guantánamo prisoners, leaked, along with other classified documents, by Chelsea Manning. I was a media partner for the release of the files, along with numerous major newspapers from the US, the UK and the EU, and I was delighted to have the opportunity to discuss my Guantánamo work in general, my work on the files released in 2011 and their significance, and also to provide an update about the sad and shameful situation at Guantánamo today, where 30 men are still held.

On Gorilla Radio, Chris Cook Plays ‘Warriors’, and We Discuss Julian Assange, Guantánamo, Genocide in Gaza and George Galloway


Linking to, and discussing my recent interview with Chris Cook of Gorilla Radio, in which we discussed Israel’s ongoing genocide in Gaza, the significance of the recent by-election victory in the UK of George Galloway, the continuing plight of the 16 men still held at Guantánamo who have long been approved for release, the global vigils for the prison’s closure, and the continuing plight of Julian Assange, who is still fighting in the British courts to prevent his extradition to the US to face outrageous and unjustifiable espionage charges relating to WikiLeaks’ publication, in 2010-11, of classified US files leaked by Chelsea Manning. Chris also played ‘Warriors’, my recently released song about Julian and Chelsea, recorded with The Four Fathers.

Radio: I Discuss Israel’s Genocide in Gaza and Guantánamo’s 22nd Anniversary with Misty Winston on TNT Radio


Linking to, and discussing my recent interview with the US radio host and activist Misty Winston on TNT Radio, in which we discussed Israel’s genocide in Gaza, and the imminent 22nd anniversary of the opening of the prison at Guantánamo Bay.

Radio: I Discuss Israel’s War on Gaza with Andy Bungay of Riverside Radio


My interview about Israel’s war on Gaza with Andy Bungay of Riverside Radio, a community radio station in London, in which we discussed how Israel is engaged in a genocide, my horror at the killing of Palestinian civilians in such huge numbers, and the disgraceful and unacceptable support for Israel in the countries of the west.

Radio: I Discuss Guantánamo Vigils, “Forever Prisoners” and Genocide in Gaza with Chris Cook on Gorilla Radio


Linking to and discussing my recent interview with Chris Cook on his Gorilla Radio show in Victoria, Canada, in which we discussed Guantánamo, the coordinated monthly vigils for its closure, which I initiated earlier this year, the ongoing assault by Israel on the civilian population of Gaza, and the global outpouring of support for the Palestinians.

Radio: I Discuss Guantánamo’s Collapsing Trials and “Forever Prisoners” with Misty Winston on TNT Radio


Linking to, and discussing my latest interview, with Misty Winston on TNT Radio, in which we spoke about all the recent news regarding Guantánamo, including UN reports, the plight of Ravil Mingazov, and the recent damning ruling for the US government by a military judge, in the case of “high-value detainee” and torture victim Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri.

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