Binyam Mohamed

Former prisoners launch the Guantánamo Justice Centre in London


On Thursday, at the Frontline Club in London, former Guantánamo prisoners Sami al-Haj, Binyam Mohamed, Jamil El-Banna, Omar Deghayes and Moazzam Begg spoke at the launch of the Guantánamo Justice Centre, a non-profit organization, based in Geneva, with an office in London and others to follow in other countries. The GLC has been established by […]

US Torture Under Scrutiny In British Courts


Andy Worthington, author of The Guantánamo Files, reports on three important court cases in the UK this week, focusing on “extraordinary rendition” and torture in the “War on Terror.” These cases have implications not only for the complicity of the British government in the Bush administration’s flight from the law, but also for the Obama […]

Miliband Shows Leadership, Reveals Nothing About Torture To Parliamentary Committee


Is it possible to get the truth about torture out of the British government, or is it easier to get blood out of a stone? I ask only because on Tuesday, in another polished performance — which shows that he has the skills under pressure that might one day come in useful if there is […]

Binyam Mohamed: Was Muhammad Salih’s Death In Guantánamo Suicide?


Yesterday, in the “Other Voices” section of the Miami Herald, Binyam Mohamed, the British resident and victim of “extraordinary rendition” and torture, who was returned to the UK in February, provided readers with his interpretation of the recent death in Guantánamo of the Yemeni prisoner Muhammad Salih (also known as Mohammed al-Hanashi). I’m cross-posting it […]

In the Guardian: The global reach of Britain’s torture policy


For the Guardian’s Comment is free, “Outsourcing torture to foreign climes” is an article I wrote following up on Ian Cobain’s article in today’s Guardian exposing the story of Jamil Rahman, a British citizen, raised in south Wales, whose claims of abuse in Bangladeshi custody while British intelligence officers stepped out of the room provide […]

Did Hillary Clinton Threaten UK Over Binyam Mohamed Torture Disclosure?


I only ask because two weeks ago, as part of a long-running court case in which Binyam Mohamed, former Guantánamo prisoner and victim of “extraordinary rendition” and torture, is trying to persuade the British government to disclose evidence in its possession relating to his illegal imprisonment and torture, the government’s policy of resisting disclosure by […]

In the Guardian: Spies, Lies and Threats in Binyam Mohamed’s Case


For the Guardian’s Comment is free, “More twists in the tale of Binyam Mohamed” is an article I wrote looking at recent developments in the case of British resident, former Guantánamo prisoner and torture victim Binyam Mohamed, following another inconclusive day in the High Court, where his lawyers have been engaged in a nine-month struggle […]

Government Bans Testimony On Binyam Mohamed And The British Spy


On Sunday, David Rose, in the Mail on Sunday, broke an extraordinarily significant story about Binyam Mohamed, the British resident, seized in Pakistan in April 2002, who was subsequently rendered by the CIA to be tortured in Morocco. In Rose’s story, the British authorities’ long-standing claim that they did not know where Mohamed was being […]

Daily Mail Pulls Story About Binyam Mohamed And British Spy


Yesterday’s Mail on Sunday featured a fascinating article by David Rose about a previously unknown British prisoner, seized in the first few months of “Operation Enduring Freedom,” who was persuaded to become a spy. “Informant A,” as he is known, then turned up in the US prison in Bagram airbase, Afghanistan, where the prisoners swiftly […]

UK Government Lies Exposed; Spy Visited Binyam Mohamed In Morocco


Binyam Mohamed, the British resident who was tortured in Morocco on behalf of the CIA, has been free from Guantánamo for nearly two months, but the struggle for access to documents proving his rendition and torture — both in Morocco and in the CIA’s own “Dark Prison” in Afghanistan — continues. The US government has […]

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