Save the NHS

NHS Chief Quits, Calls Austerity a Weapon to “Dismantle the State”


Dr. Gabriel Scally, who resigned in April, also talks of “a very deliberate policy across all of the public sector to roll back the achievements that have been made in this country since the second world war,” and “a systematic downgrading, if not destruction, of civil society in England” by the Tory-led coalition government, as […]

Come to UK Uncut’s Anti-Austerity Street Party in London and Across the UK, Saturday May 26


Fed up with an artificial age of austerity, designed to destroy the welfare state and transfer every remaining function of the state — the NHS, education, land, property, even the police — into private hands? Fed up with being told by wealthy, out-of-touch Tories that “we’re all in this together,” when we clearly aren’t? Fed […]

The Tories’ Vile Workfare Project, and How It Has Now Infiltrated the NHS


Forcing people into jobs they don’t want, just to claim their benefit, might be defensible if there was pretty swiftly a real job available to those who were capable and wanted it, but as the Tory-led government has pushed its workfare scheme, the alarming truth is that it has created a forced working underclass of […]

Tories Disobey Court Order, Refuse to Release Damning NHS Risk Register


Is there no end to the arrogance of this wretched government? In February, while pushing their vile bill to destroy the welfare state, the Tory-led coalition resorted to dismissing important amendments demanded by the House of Lords by invoking “financial privilege,” an arcane set-up whereby, as Conservative Home explained in a highly critical post, The […]

The Fight for the NHS Isn’t Over; It’s Only Just Begun


Although the mangled corpse of Andrew Lansley’s wretched NHS reform bill was passed by Parliament a month ago, the fight to save the NHS is far from over. On the afternoon of April 24, the campaigning group 38 Degrees, which mobilised over half a million people to oppose the government’s plans to hack up the […]

On NHS, Tribunal Rules That Tories Violated Manifesto Promise, Calls Public Interest in Risk Register “Very High, If Not Exceptional”


Less than three weeks since the Tory-led coalition government’s dreadful NHS reform bill was passed — aimed primarily at allowing private companies greater access to the NHS than ever before — a damning document has been published, which should have derailed the entire process. The document in question follows the judgment of the Information Commissioner, […]

Early Version of NHS Risk Register Leaked: Warns of Increased Cost of Privatisation, Worries About Fragmented Service


Today, a leaked copy of the first draft of a risk register (PDF) assessing the damage that could follow the Tory-led coalition government’s reckless plans to reform the NHS (which involve devolving 60% of the NHS’s £100bn budget to new GP-led consortia, and introducing more competition into the NHS), was published by the Guardian. As […]

The Baleful Effects of NHS Privatisation Are Already Happening


As the NHS is opened up to a tsunami of privatisation, the first alarming revelations about the potential disaster it will cause have already been revealed, in a number of articles in the Guardian over the last week — one dealing with “an assessment by the Faculty of Public Health (FPH) of the risks involved […]

The Privatisation of the NHS: Why It Will Be the Death Knell for the Tory-Led Coalition Government


With the failure of the last challenge to Andrew Lansley’s wretched NHS reform bill in the House of Commons, where Labour’s emergency debate was defeated by 328 votes to 246, I have to ask: how is it possible, in a so-called democracy, for a government without a mandate to ignore the complaints of healthcare professionals, […]

As the House of Lords Passes the NHS Privatisation Bill, Labour Secures an Emergency Debate Tomorrow


Despite high hopes that members of the House of Lords would recognise their place in the history books on the side of the people, rather than on the side of David Cameron, Andrew Lansley, their Lib Dem stooges and the corporations who plan to make a killing out of the privatisation of the NHS, the […]

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