Save the NHS

Save the NHS: A Doctor’s Moving Defence of Her Profession, and How Care is More Important Than Budgets


Yesterday, I published an article about the Tory-led coalition government’s ongoing attempts to destroy the NHS, after the health minister Andrew Lansley issued a new set of amendments to his Health and Social Care Bill, in an attempt to suppress dissent in the House of Lords, which only succeeded in prompting GPs and physiotherapists to […]

Save the NHS: 100,000 GPs and Physiotherapists Call for Health Bill to be Scrapped


Ever since the coalition government introduced its Health and Social Care Bill, it has been obvious that what was planned was nothing less than the destruction of the NHS as a universal healthcare provider, and the gradual privatisation of the service, leading to greater profits for private companies and, simultaneously, cuts to services. Understanding this, […]

Tories Ordered to Stop Hiding Their Damaging Risk Assessment for NHS Reform; Ask Your MP to Help


After a year of hiding a risk assessment regarding its plans to transform the NHS (into an increasingly privatised monstrosity, with the government no longer in charge of it), health secretary Andrew Lansley has been ordered by the Information Commissioner, Christopher Graham, to release a document that outlines the risks associated with his widely-criticised Health […]

As Tories Approve Private Takeover of Hospital, Lords Challenge Plans to Let NHS Be Run By An Unaccountable Quango


As David Cameron continues to cling to his health secretary Andrew Lansley’s widely criticised healthcare reforms, which are generally — and accurately — regarded by defenders of our universal healthcare service as an attempt to destroy the NHS through enforced privatisation, the New Statesman has weighed with an editorial calling on the Prime Minister to […]

Save the NHS: Please Sign the 38 Degrees Petition to Scrap the Tory-Led Government’s Privatisation Bill


I wouldn’t be alive without the NHS, and nor would my wife, and nor would my son, so it’s a cause that’s very, very dear to my heart. Less selfishly, it’s also dear to my heart because it’s paid for by general taxation, and is free to anyone at the point of entry, and at […]

Save the NHS: The Battle is Not Over, Despite the Lords’ Capitulation on the Privatisation Bill’s Second Reading


When I think back to the already forgotten scandal of how David Cameron cosied up to Rupert Murdoch, seeking to allow him an unacceptable media monopoly via the planned BSkyB buyout, and when I now hear about Liam Fox’s dirty dealings with his buddy Adam Werritty, pretending to be an official representative of Her Majesty’s […]

NHS Privatisation: Protest on Sunday, as 400 Doctors Accuse Government of Planning “Irreparable Harm,” and Lords Prepare Opposition


Tomorrow, Sunday October 9, UK Uncut, the British activists opposed to the Tory-led government’s ideologically driven austerity cuts, have organised a mass protest in London — “Block the Bridge, Block the Bill” — against the government’s plans to privatise the National Health Service (NHS), which I have been writing about extensively over the last year […]

Save the NHS: As Lib Dems Vote to Support Tory Privatisation Plans, The Last Hope is the House of Lords


When the history of Britain’s first modern coalition government is written, it is fair to say that two events in particular will mark the turning point in the fortunes of the Liberal Democrats, when swathes of the population came to regard them as hypocritical and untrustworthy. The first of these was, of course, the vote […]

Save the NHS: Make No Mistake, the Government Plans to Privatise Our Precious Health Service


I’ve just returned from having my blood tested at Lewisham Hospital, and, as always when I use the NHS (the National Health Service, for readers outside the UK), I marvel that, because the entire system is paid for via taxation, no one asks me for any money upfront, and no one asks me for any […]

Act Now to Save the NHS, as Government Advisor Claims Reforms Will Show “No Mercy” and Allow “Big Opportunity” for Profiteering


So David Cameron was out schmoozing on Monday, telling nurses in Ealing that he loves the NHS, but that reform is needed to save it, and claiming that he doesn’t know who Mark Britnell is. A former director of commissioning for the NHS, who is now head of health at the accountancy giant KPMG, Britnell’s […]

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